With more than 100 years of experience in the design and development of electro-acoustic technology, Bosch is an established world leader in Public Address, Evacuation Systems, and Professional Quality Sound Systems. It is also world renowned for its commitment to superior technology, stylish design, and ease-of-use. Moreover, the latest powerful example of this commitment is the PAVIRO Public Address and Voice Evacuation System with Professional Sound Quality.

  • Announcement LED indication on microphone cap
  • 15 free programmable function keys
  • Integrated numeric keypad
  • Soft touch selection buttons
CAN BUS port 10, 20, or 62.5 kbit/s, 1 ✕ RJ-45, max. length 1000 m
Maximum mic input level -21 dBu
Maximum line input level +4 dBu
Maximum NF output level +12 dBu
Buttons 5 pre-programmed, 15 programmable zone/function keys
Indicator lights Power (green), Fault (yellow), Alarm (red) Green or yellow LED per pre-programmed menu button Green and red LED per programmable zone/function key
LC display Back-lit LC display (122 ✕ 32 pixel)
Ports 1 CST BUS port (Control data + Audio + Power supply, RJ-45) 1 audio source (line level, phone jack) 1 microphone port (phone jack) 1 EXT OUT port (call station extension, RJ-12)
DC power input 15-58 V
Maximum supply current (without call station extensions) Standby/Idle/Announcement/Alert: 24 V / 80 mA / 1.92 W
Maximum supply current (with 5 call station extensions) Standby/Idle/Announcement/Alert: 24 V / 190 mA / 4.56 W
Color RAL 9017 (traffic black)
Product dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)

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