The FAP‑520 Automatic Fire Detectors combine the advantages of the improved LSN technology with the aesthetic benefits of flush-mounted installation and the option to choose the color. The detectors are specially designed for connection to the Local SecurityNetwork LSN improved version with the significantly extended system parameters.
The FAP‑520 is available as a scattered light smoke detector or as a multi-sensor detector with an additional gas sensor. The respective versions of the detectors are available in white or transparent with color toning inserts.
The smooth, flush-installation surface means the detectors can be installed in areas with high aesthetic
requirements. In addition, the detectors are suitable for areas with heightened dust exposure. The detectors and trim rings in the “transparent with color inserts” version are supplied complete with reversible printed color ring sets, offering a choice of 16 colors for individual color matching.

  • Modern, ultra-flat design
  • Smooth, easily-cleaned detector surface
  • Innovative fastening mechanism
  • High reliability
  • Maintains LSN loop functions in the event of wire interruption or short-circuit thanks to two integrated isolators
  • Extended system parameters of improved LSN technology
Operating voltage 15 V DC to 33 V DC
Current consumption < 3.25 mA
Alarm output Per data word by two-wire signal line
Indicator output Open collector connects 0 V over 1.5 kΩ through, max. 15 mA
Detector Ø 113 x 55 mm
Detector with Tim Ring Ø 150 x 55 mm
Detector with Trim Ring, Base and Ceiling Mount Back Box Ø 150 x 110 mm
Housing material Polycarbonate
Detector housing Signal white, RAL 9003
Detector front plate FAP‑O 520/ FAP‑OC 520 signal white matt
Detector front plate FAP‑O 520‑P/ FAP‑OC 520‑P transparent/silver-gray

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