Scope of electrical service

Aipro Engineering & Consultancy Service is giving guideline before any audit/assessment of the factories in structural safety assessment, fire safety assessment and electrical safety assessment. After completion of audit/assessment, we are giving remedial  to make factories fully compliance in engineering aspect. We also conducts structural, electrical and fire safety audit as per client requirement.

Conduct Initial and details Electrical Safety Audit as per BNBC-2006, Accord/Alliance Standard.
Electrical works & consultancy for CAP (Corrective Action Plan).
Check, Verification & Certification of drawing by Government accredited engineer.
Substation (Electrical) Design Drawing followed by load Calculation.
Single Line Diagram (SLD) Design Drawing and Implementation.
Electrical Layout Diagram (ELD) Design Drawing and Implementation.
Bus Bar Trunk in System (BBT) Design Drawing.
Emergency Evacuation Layout Plan Design.
Transformer (Oil type & Dry type) Inspection and Report.
Generator Inspection and Report.
Switchgear, LT PANEL and Distribution Boards Annual/Periodic Inspection, Test and Report.
Earth Voltage Test and Report.
Earth pit Boring design Drawing & Installation
Earth Pit Resistance (ER) Test and Report
Insulation Resistance (IR) Test for the power cables and Report


Thermography Scanning and Report
Lighting Protection system (LPS) Design.
Lighting Protection system (LPS) Installation.
Electrical Fire Safety Training.
Fire Safety Symbols  for Precaution.
Restoration from Electric Shock training
Artificial Respiration method.
LOTO Tag-out Policy for the factory.
Annual and Periodical Maintenance plan and schedule for entire Industry.
Implementing Safety Management on Different Standards and regulations.
Chemical Hazard Risk Management and Report.
Workplace Safety Risk Assessment and Report.
Electrical load Management Plan.
Supply Installation of All Kind of Electrical & Instrumentation Product.
Creating Positive Health and Safety Culture.
Review and Revised Safety Management System make it active better comply.
LPS Design Drawing, Installation with Test Report.
followed by Risk Index calculation as per NFPA-780, BNBC-2006 guideline

Electrical solution work by Aipro Engineering


Earth Resistance test


Ampere rating check


Single line diagram inspection


Single line diagram check


Insulation resistance test


Tharmographic test