The advanced features of the PLENA matrix Digital Sound System enable users to achieve superb audio performance with wireless control across up to eight output zones. With audio quality tailored for a wide range of applications — including live music, background music, high-demand speech environments and zone announcement — the PLENA matrix system delivers full featured digital audio control, with maximum flexibility and reliability.

  • Capacitive touch
  • Programmable zone selection
  • Modern aesthetic design
  • Powered from PLM‑8M8
  • Loop‑through to connect with either more Call Stations or Wall Control Panels
Power supply (supplied by PLM‑8M8)
Voltage range 30 – 50 VDC
Power consumption 1.5 W
Microphone type Cardoid
Frequency response (-3dB) 100 Hz to 20 kHz (+0/‑3 dB)
Input Clip level -11 dBu (-13.3 dBV)
THD+N (1 kHz, 6 dBFS): <0.03 %
Dynamic range (A‑weighted) (mid gain setting) >97 dB(A)
Output level 24.4 dBu (22.2 dBV)
Connectors 2x
RS485 loop‑through RJ45
Base dimensions (H x W x D) 50 x 156 x 140 mm(2 x 6.1 x 25.5 in)

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