New Building Design & Construction


  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Design
  • Analysis model
  • Reporting
  • Soil test
  • Construction and Site Supervision

Detailed Engineering Assessment


As-Built Structure
Measurement Confirmed for :

  • Grid
  • The layout of Grid, Column, Beam, Slab, Stair, Lift Core, Over Head Water Tanks, etc.
  • Steel Truss, Rafter, Purling, All Joint layout
  • Pile or Footing Layout

As-Built Architecture
Measurement confirmed for :

  • Vicinity Plan
  • Site Layout Plan
  • Room Layout Plan
  • Door, Window, Sun Light, Fan Light, Ventilation, Sunshade, and Cornish Layout
  • Vertical Surface wall layout Elevation
  • Aisles Layout
  • Overhead Tower or any other structural layout
  • Load Plan
  • Section Layout

As-Built Load Plan



  • Non-Destructive test

Ferro-Scan Test

  • Destructive Test

Core test
Rebar Test
Strip Cutting
Hammer Test
Soil Test

Design & Analysis


  • As-Built Super-Structural
  • As-Built Sub-Structureul



  • After Analysis, If any of the structural members is inadequate, we will remodel the structure with
    possible retrofit as per guideline and consider both economy and structural safety.
  • Prepare retrofit drawing based on the analysis model.
  • We provide the retrofitting scheme including properly delineated work sequence and
    implementation time schedule in the form of a work.