Bosch’s new video-based fire detection system represents a new generation in threat-detection capabilities. Utilizing a unique, scientifically tested physical detection model, Bosch technology spots fires and disturbances, predicts behavior to reduce false alarms and speeds reaction time – helping you stop threats before they spread.

Faster and more accurate

AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is the perfect answer for facilities used for industry, transportation, warehousing and utilities such as energy to minimize detection time with low false alarm rates.

Improving the rescue chain through fast detection and situational awareness protects lives and minimizes damage.

“With this dynamic IP camera video based fire detection system combined with intelligent video analysis Bosch provides today´s earliest flame and smoke detection in challenging environments. Potentially a genuine life saver and for sure a brilliant concept.”

System Benefits

  • Detection of flame and smoke helps to identify even hidden smoldering fires and burning liquids.
  • Fast detection at the source allows to see fires where they start, speeding reaction times, improving rescue response and minimizing damage at the site.
  • No masking is necessary due to AVIOTEC’s capability to detect fires using the camera’s entire field of view in most cases.
  • Intelligence in the camera detects disturbances using raw data with no transmission or compression.
  • Live streaming enables to monitor environments live and to speed up rescue response.
  • Video storage as a basis in order to perform root-cause analysis with recorded videos.

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