Architecture of SCADA


Applications of SCADA

Manufacturing Industries

SCADA system helps in monitoring different inventories and data’s of different industries and also helps to control automated machinery in a systematic synchronous way.

Waste Water Treatment and Power Plants

Scada System is used by the government or municipal corporation to monitor the regulation of water capacity in reservoirs.


Transit authorities use SCADA technology to regulate electricity to subways, trams and trolley buses; to automate traffic signals for rail system. To track and locate trains and buses and to control railroad crossing gates. SCADA also regulate traffic lights, control traffic flow and detects out of order signals.

Alarm or siren system

SCADA system uses alarm or siren system to notify the operators of any power supply issues like abnormal activities in machine, loss of IP connection, network issues, communication breakdown etc.


Farm-based SCADA systems provide frost protection, maximize crop yield and prevent excess water runoff. It also help to keep the temperature in control for the automated crops.

Power System

SCADA system helps in monitoring speed and frequency of electrical machine. It monitors renewable energy farms and load dispatch. It keeps the log of all events and see if there are any abnormalities in any machine or not.