The OM‑1 is a compact interface module which is
prepared for a connection to an OMNEO network. The
OM‑1 is able to send and receive Dante audio to and
from other PAVIRO Controllers with an OM‑1 Interface
Module. The transmission of up to 16 digital audio
input signals and 16 digital audio output channels with
low latency is possible with the OM‑1.
Dante is a registered trademark of Audinate, Inc.
Certifications and approvals
Region Regulatory compliance/quality marks
Europe DOP F01U298639 PAVIRO V10
CE F01U308176
Installation/configuration notes
Installation in PVA-4CR12
1. Turn off the power of the unit, and pull the 24 V plug.
2. Remove the cover plate (10 screws on top).
3. Remove the blind on the rear panel (2 screws).
4. Install the OM-1 module (see picture); first, secure it
with 2 screws on the rear panel Ⓐ, then with 2
screws on the bolts Ⓑ, tighten the screws.
5. Make the following cable connections: Left connector
on OM-1 module with CN9 on main board (65 mm flat
wire cable) Ⓒ. Right connector on OM-1 module with
CN8 on main board (190 mm flat wire cable) Ⓓ.
6. Re-install the cover plate.

7. Connect the unit to the 24 V supply, and turn the
power on.
8. Configure the OM-1 module parameter in IRIS-Net
according to application needs.

Gigabit Ethernet Interface – 1000 Mbit/s full-duplex
Ethernet Interface, IEEE 802.3u compatible
Secondary Gigabit Ethernet Interface – Second
Ethernet Interface for the connection of a redundant
network to establish fault-tolerant systems
Status LEDs – Link, Activity and Gigabit active status
indication for each Ethernet interface