A clean and safe environment is a pre-requisite for health and quality of life. Eurofins contributes to this by providing market-leading laboratory testing, monitoring and consultancy services to a wide range of industrial companies, environmental consultants, contractors, retailers and government authorities.

AIPRO provide various environmental testing assessment;


1. Sound Level Assessment: AIPRO perform environmental testing as Sound level Assessment. For sound level testing we followed ECR & OSHA.

2. Light Level testing / Assessment: By following BNBC Guideline AIPRO perform to environmental testing as Light level Assessment.

3.Temperature/Humidity Level Assessment: We perform temperature/ humidity testing as per as buyer requirement on the factory.

4. Air / Stack Emission Monitoring/ Assessment: For generator and boiler air/ stack emission are very important. for measurement of O2, CO, CO2, NO, NOX and SO2 in generator and boiler effective those test.

5. Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) Assessment: Various harmful Suspended Particulate Matter are present on factory. By the various activities on factory operation those materials are produced. We measured/ Identify those particulate Matter.
Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Assessment: By using refrigerator, AC, cooler and other machine are produced on GHG gas. Which are responsible for ozone layer depletion. AIPRO perform to identify and monitoring those gases.
Indoor/ Outdoor Air Quality Assessment: On the open space Suspender Particulate Matter (SPM), Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), CO2, SO2, NOx, CO and others are produce. We also monitored and identify those particulate.

Picture 1: Analyzing of PM2.5 & PM10 by Respirable Dust Sampler
Picture 2: Performing Light, Temperature and Humidity Level Test.
Picture 3: Performing Stack Emission Test

Our environment services 


1. Noise/ Sound
2. Light Level
3. Temperature
4. Humidity
5. Generator Emission
6. Boiler Emission
7. Stenters Emission
8. Singeing Emission
9. Ambient Air Quality
10. Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality
11. Efficiency Testin
12. Carbon Foot printing
13. ODS
14. GHG
15. ETP Check
16. Emission Inventory


1. EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)
2. ESIA (Environmental & Social Impact Assessment)
3. EMP (Environmental Management Plan)
4. EMS (Environmental Management System)
5. IEE (Initial Environmental Examination)
6. ERA (Environmental Risk Assessment)
7. CRA (Chemical Risk Assessment)

Testing & monitoring

1. ETP (Effluent Treatment Plan)
2. STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)
3. RWH (Rainwater Harvesting)
4. Renewalable Energy5. LPS (Lightning Protection System)


Testing Equipment

Respirable Dust Sampler

1.It can sample respirable particulate matter in the ambient and indoor air

2.It measures the ambient concentrations of gases and particulate matter by using High Volume Sampler

Light Level Meter

1.Measures Lux
2.High accuracy and rapid response
3. Max hold displays highest measured value


Sound Level Meter

1. Qualitative Testing
2. Technically Advanced Technology
3. Usage – Magnetic Sensor
4. Industrial, Laboratory

Temperature Meter

Ambient temperature measurement in degree Celsius (oc) The other equipment which are also used in Environmental parameter assessment are

1. Gas Monitor/ Transmitter,
2. Digital Balance Machine
3. Desiccator,
4. Glass wear,
5. Air Quality Monitor Meter, etc.